Curator Guidelines

Apply to be a Curator

This year, the RVA Lit Walk Committee will accept applications for group Curators. To receive an application, contact us to request it. In the application we will ask for the following:

  • The theme of your reading (for example, Apocalyptic Fiction or An Imaginative Voice).
  • Four readers who will participate (one can be you). Readers must be published authors and can only participate in one reading. While the RVA Lit Walk celebrates Richmond writers, we welcome writers from any location to participate.
  • Please include a short bio for each reader (think 50 words or less), their publications, their website address (or link to an online presence) and their email address.

Because there are a limited number of time slots in the schedule, please apply as soon as possible!

Before your reading

Advertise! Spread the word!

While the RVA Lit Walk Committee will advertise/publicize the event far and wide, we encourage all participants to promote your reading and the RVA Lit Walk through social media.

  • Think about making flyers for your event, or posters.
  • Consider making a Facebook Event page for your reading.
  • Tag us, include the address to our website, and/or use the hashtag #RVALitWalk.
  • Mention and thank your venue for hosting!

During your reading

  • Consider bringing a microphone to help everyone hear.
  • Offer thanks to the venue hosting your reading.
  • Keep your reading down to 60 minutes to allow participants get to the next venue on time. There are two readings at any given time and 30 minutes to get to the next one.
  • Mention the readings that follow yours in your initial or closing comments.
  • Invite the audience to attend the After Party on Sunday.